Thursday, January 29, 2015

HTC One Max's fingerprint scanner reportedly cures cancer

An Austrian HTC One Max user claims that using HTC One Max's fingerprint scanner instantly cured him of cancer.

Martin G. (32) was diagnosed cancer in 2012.
"It was incredible", claims G. "Just yesterday, a message from a friend on my HTC One Max woke up in my hospital. I used my fingerprint to unlock my phone and replied to the message. A couple of hours later, I heard some doctors talking in front of my hospital room. They sounded confused. Then one of them came into my room and said that I don't have cancer anymore."
It seems that, with this amazing feat, HTC One Max's fingerprint scanner proved yet again that it's much better than competitors' solutions. Hey Apple, your TouchID might be more comfortable to use, but can it cure cancer?

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