Saturday, January 31, 2015

Woman catches husband cheating with HTC One Max

It seems that HTC's first phablet is capable of doing much more than we expected.
Catherine B. (26) claims that she caught her husband cheating on her with an HTC One Max.
"My best friend warned me to be careful", says Catherine. "She said that she once saw him on the street talking on his phone about cheating. I came back home at a time when my husband is usually alone at home, and I was shocked to see him having sex with his HTC One Max!"
Contrary to everyone's expectations, however, Catherine says that she's not angry at her husband at all.
"I'd be a hypocrite to be mad at him about it. Even I was thinking of secretly having sex with his Max, but I never got around to do it. Let's face it - Max might look tame, but I know his Snapdragon 600 processor is a real beast when it comes to performance between the sheets!"
We asked some random people on the street on what they think about this story.
"I call bullshit on this one", says Jonathan G. (27). "Everybody knows that my iPhone 6 Plus is far better in terms of bed performance. I can prove it. I'll post an article about it on my website, in fact."

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