Saturday, February 14, 2015

HTC One Max saves man from certain death

There is more than one way the HTC One Max can save a life, if the story of Lamar Y. (24) is to be believed.
Lamar claims that he was "rollin' through the 'hood with his two homies", when, all of a sudden, members of a rival gang, "S-Knights", sponsored by Samsung and led by OG Richard, attacked them.
"I just took out my One Max to check the time when those Samsung sellout n**gas attacked me and my homies! I quickly put my One Max into my coat pocket, and they shot me right in that pocket!"
However, not only did Lamar's phablet save him from the bullet, but it also deflected the bullet right into the S-Knights' car's gas tank, blowing the car up and killing three gangsters in that car, with OG Richard somehow managing to escape.
HTC CEO Peter Chou responded to this story.
"The feature that Lamar's story demonstrated definitely exists, but only on the unlocked and Sprint versions of the HTC One Max. Do not attempt this with the Verizon version until the Android 5.0 update as the feature has not been implemented in that version yet."

Special thanks to our tipster, who asked to remain anonymous!

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