Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HTC One Max's speakers can be heard by deaf people

HTC's critically acclaimed front-facing stereo speakers have managed to pull off yet another amazing feat that the competition can only dream of.
Chris G. (33) has been completely deaf since his birth, but he claims that he can hear sounds coming out of the BoomSound speakers on his friend's HTC One Max.
"I couldn't believe it", says Chris, on the verge of tears. "I've never heard a thing in my life, until I listened to my friend's HTC phone. I bought one for myself too. Yesterday I've had my first phone call!"
We haven't had any official confirmation from HTC that this feature indeed exists, but we asked James H., an otolaryngologist, about the research he conducted on this particular feature.
"I have conducted extensive research on HTC One Max's BoomSound speakers, and I've found out that they are capable of simultaneously emitting sound at both standard frequencies and extreme frequencies that can only be heard by deaf people and ducks."
We also got a report from a HTC insider, claiming that HTC One Max's successor might be capable of healing deafness completely.

Special thanks to Botmun for the tip!

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