Sunday, April 26, 2015

This is HTC's latest One M9 ad

To say that HTC's recent advertisement efforts have been a disaster would be a huge understatement. One would think that a company that releases a streak of such terrible ads would consider it a priority to rethink their entire marketing strategy.
However, HTC has shown us that no matter how badly you've screwed up before, you can always go even worse the next time.
HTC's latest ad is titled "Official Cellami Ad", where Cellami is supposed to be a medicine for curing "Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder". The ad ends with the narrator claiming that you don't need Cellami if you own the HTC One M9, which is "the best". You can watch the ad below, but we recommend not to do it you have sharp objects or weapons of any kind near you, and we should also note that we are not responsible for any consequences that you or the device you watch the video on might suffer.

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