Friday, June 19, 2015

HTC One Max receives the Lollipop update

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Nothing is certain but death and taxes". Clearly, he didn't include "HTC providing timely updates" on that list, and for a good reason. What once was HTC's flagship phablet has only now received the Lollipop update, more than seven months since Google released the source code for the now only second newest Android version.

This update came as a surprise to many HTC One Max owners, who have mostly given up hope on HTC ever updating their phablet to Lollipop.
With the Lollipop update for the One Max finally among us, we believe this site has served its purpose, so we sold it to a tech blogger named Benjamin Dickson. Built on the foundation of this site, Ben's new tech blog should be exciting to any reader of this site. will deliver the latest news in technology starting July 6 this year.
In other news, Happy Birthday Garfield the Cat!

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